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Reclaim Your Garden

By Vicki Patterson

The taste of freshly picked vegetables and herbs from your own garden can’t be beat. Sun kissed and rain fed they are delicious with a high nutrient value and are devoid of toxic chemicals. (If you’re organic. We’ll talk about composting in another post)

There are millions of acres of lawns and usable cities spaces that could be turned into flourishing edible gardens. I began transforming my then tropical landscape to an edible garden in 2008 when the economy was down. I thought to myself, my space had better start working for me.

My yard has been transformed, from a tropical oasis with 40’ bananas, hibiscus, ginger, bird of paradise and grass (eeks!) to a symbiotic sanctuary. I no longer see the need for ornamental landscape. My garden flourishes with wildlife. Birds, butterflies andLife-sustaining gardens can have a huge positive impact on our lives and the planet.

My place to connect with nature right out of my front door! I call it, “The Learning Garden.”

I have a total of 7 raised beds, 6 fruit trees (avocado, 2 loquat, mango, lemon and a fig) several potted veggies, 2 stands w/4 shelves of herbs (we use them in cooking and teas), a grape vine, garden space in the retaining wall for a passionfruit aka lilikoi, 2 compost piles and worm bin.

I'm able to produce A LOT of food with very little waste! My kitchen scrapes either go into the composter or worm bin (sometimes I just dig a hole in the ground. That's how a few of our trees started!) , re-use and recycle almost everything.

I’m a trash auditor so I’m VERY mindful of what goes into our bins.

I plan to make videos / tutorials about how fun, rewarding and easy planting, composting, cooking, herbalism, teas and this lifestyle is!

Start small, making small changes, learning how to grow one plant at a time.

Life-sustaining gardens can have a huge positive impact on our lives and the planet. As we care for a garden, we care for our spirit, nurturing a grounded connection with the natural world that will carry over to other aspects of life.

I wish to bring awareness to everyone how easy organic urban gardening and low waste living can be!

If I can do it, so can you! Comment below what's growing indoor garden and how long you've been gardening.

Pics from my garden!

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