Become an Ambassador

Thank you for wanting more information about our Ambassador Program! 

It’s leaders like you that make it a difference in our world! 

When you have time, can you send a favorite pic or pics of you doing something green, sustainable and eco conscious. 

Write up a brief summary of:

  • Full name (nick names are fun too, mine is Whale Whisperer) 

  • Where you live

  • What sustainable practices you do

  • What change you’d like to see in the world 

  • A favorite quote or motto you live by

Once received and reviewed we’d love to highlight you in our posts! 


We’ll send you a hat and sticker (once we make T-shirts & Totes will send those along too!) and ask for you to tag @StandUpToTrash and/or use #StandUpToTrash when you’re out making a difference in this world! 


Please remember you are the representative of Stand Up To Trash. People respect the brand and what it stands for. Wear it proudly! 


“I pledge, as an Ambassador for Stand Up To Trash to use my voice and platform to bring awareness to the conservation and protection of our oceans, and to help educate my audience toward positive change.”

Send applications to

Subject: Ambassador Applicant